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Wedding Gown Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

Feb 4th

Bride Megan in a short, 3/4 sleeve couture wedding gown inspired by Marilyn Monroe

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Photographs graciously provided b Ricky Stern Photography

Guest Post by Bride Megan: The search for my dress was a unique one. When my now husband proposed to me, I immediately subscribed to every bridal blog, every bridal website, and went absolutely crazy on Pinterest. But every dress I came across felt so ordinary. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I wanted in a wedding gown…  but I knew I wanted something a little different. Nevertheless, I had plenty of time and I wasn’t worried.

Marilyn Monroe in a fitted white gown in 1957's "The Prince and The Showgirl"

My then fiancé and I set a date for a little over a year from our engagement. The next time I went home, my mother took me to several bridal shops, and every dress I tried on she asked, “Does this come with sleeves? Does this come with a jacket?” You see, my mother was concerned that I would buy an ever-so-popular sleeveless dress.  I have a half sleeve of tattoos that she wanted to be hidden. I personally didn’t care either way, but my mother was adamant – my tattoos couldn’t show.

Instead of being upset with her, I decided to see what dresses I could find that had sleeves down to my elbow. I found several online, but they were all winter dresses, and all extremely modest. I was to be married in South Beach Florida, and I still needed the dress to be fun! And then I saw it. I came across a picture of Marilyn Monroe in a white dress, with ¾ sleeves. It was the dress she wore in “The Prince and the Showgirl.” I was in love! I ran with the Marilyn idea and my fiancé and I decided to have a “Mad Men” themed wedding. I HAD to find this dress!

I couldn’t find anything online even close. I decided that I was going to need to find someone to make the dress that would complete my vision. I had just moved to the Philadelphia area, and as such, had no one to ask about a local dressmaker. I took to Google. I loved Janice’s website and one vintage-style dress she had made in particular. I knew this was the woman that could make my dream dress. I took my Marilyn picture on my iPhone and nothing else. I had no idea what to expect when stepping into Janice Martin Couture.

Details of Megan's one-of-a-kind wedding dress by Janice Martin Couture

Janice was amazing. I told her up front I didn’t know anything about fabrics, or lace, or cut or even what a bodice was. She explained everything to me in detail. She took the time to discuss several different options and gave me her opinion, given the style I wanted to go in. She looked at the picture once, but after that she wanted to construct the gown based on MY body, and what looked elegant on ME, not Marilyn.

In the JMC Studio: Bride Megan's dress began as all couture gowns do, with a simple muslin pattern

Every step of the dress making process was fun, exciting and open to complete creativity. My favorite saying in the shop was, “Well, what do you want it to be?” Janice truly has a unique, but classic vision. She will make every piece with complete individual style. She loves her brides, and her brides love her. At the final fitting, I couldn’t believe it was my body in that dress. It has been perfectly tailored to fit me in every way. I had never felt so beautiful.

Bride Megan with her husband Zac at The National in Miami. Megan is wearing a short couture wedding gown by Janice Martin Couture.

When I put the dress on with the make up, my hair done, and all of accessories on, I felt transformed. It was the perfect dress for my perfect day. I got so many compliments on my dress; I couldn’t count them if I tried! Everyone from my make up artist, to the wedding coordinator were taking pictures of the “Marilyn Dress.” My guests were so complimentary, it seemed like I blushed the entire night. I would recommend Janice and her vision to absolutely anyone. What an experience!

Gorgeous Megan poses in her one-of-a-kind wedding dress with hubby Zac. The couple were married at The National in Miami.


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