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Au Courant Ensembles from Exotic Fabrics

Aug 1st

The art of designing fashion from fabrics brought from faraway lands is a talent displayed at Janice Martin Couture.  Sarongs and dresses from India have been redesigned into leisure wear, cocktail dresses and evening wear.

The joy of designing (and wearing) fashion that is designed from fabric brought from afar is that it is a tangible reminder of an exotic trip.

Designing classic pieces from amazing “ingredients” results in individual looks with long term appeal that will always be fashionable.

Lisa wears a modern, updated ensemble created from sari fabric brought back from India

Above: Lisa wears a modern, colorful ensemble created from sari fabric brought back from India.

This three-piece outfit created over 20 years ago is still a timeless classic.

Above: Designed over twenty years ago, Harriet continues to wear a three-piece ensemble created from sari fabric to art openings and cocktail parties.

This special occasion three-piece outfit can be worn in a variety of ways

Above: Special occasions are the perfect place to show off a couture piece that is even more special because of the origins of the fabric. The above three-piece ensemble (shawl not shown) can be worn in a variety of ways.


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