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Fiber Optic Gown that “Dances” to the Music

Jun 18th

If you have a love for performing arts as well as fashion, then you will love this custom-made piece designed by Janice Martin Couture and worn by pianist Annette DiMedio, the renowned musician and Dean of Music at University of the Arts.   Annette desired a fiber optic gown that would reflect the rhythm and beats of the song being played for a Halloween date – Symphony of the Night. After careful consideration we created a black skirt that “puddled” on the floor behind her as she sat at the piano. When the tempo of the music would change or get louder, the fiber optics would activate and flames would “flicker” ….higher up the skirt as the music swelled.  During Annette DiMedio’s performance you will be able to see the flames dance. It was such a fun project that we are in the midst of creating another look, which she will wear while performing Rhapsody in Blue. Watch Annette’s gown in action below:


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