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Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote

Sep 8th

A Charles Worth creation redesigned by Janice Martin reminds us that “herstory” continues its march. The contemporary bustier pairs with the vintage skirt for the ceremony.

What a difference 100 years makes!

….and the flirty skirt for the reception references the design of the original.

From frothy confections of draped silk, opulent fringe and dainty wax orange blossoms, to streamlined contemporary silhouettes in white satin, brides from the mid 1800s have celebrated their nuptials in white …and just as the suffragettes wore white as a symbol of femininity and purity, so did brides inspired by Queen Victoria. Whether walking down an aisle to be married or marching down streets for a cause, women have been advocating freedom, respect and equal rights for over a century.

Sewn For Good salutes generations of mothers, sisters and daughters with the VOTE scarf celebrating the 19th Amendment, the ERA, civil and women’s rights. Visit SFG and support the League of Women Voters as they encourage ALL women to register to VOTE.


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