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Christening & Communion Gowns

Christening Gowns can be created from a family heirloom like a mother's or grandmother's wedding dress.

Custom Christening & Communion Gowns

For years, Janice Martin has restored and cleaned Christening gowns. More recently, clients have requested Christening & Communion gowns to be constructed from vintage fabrics or from family wedding gowns. What better use of your wedding gown than for it to transformed into your child’s Christening or Communion gown! Janice has created his and hers Christening gowns for a set of twins utilizing their mother’s original wedding gown—allowing the original detailing to shine through on the new Christening gowns.

Wedding Gowns Transformed into Christening Gowns

Janice Martin can accommodate a range of gown types and sizes including suits and gowns for premies or older babies. Several clients have requested miniature copies of a bridal or Christening gown for a doll. A Christening gown can be designed via photograph and three measurements for a proper fit, allowing Janice to work with clients across the country. Christening gown sets, like the one shown below, can include hats, jackets and removable collars.

Heirloom Christening & Communion Gowns

Whether created from new or heirloom fabrics, Christening and Communion gowns are cherished possessions like wedding dresses. New fabrics have been dyed to match and used in tandem with antique textiles to create wonderful new family heirlooms. Janice Martin Couture has created Christening or Communion gowns and suits in a range of fabrics including swiss cotton batiste to contemporary silks.

A Christening gown created from the mother's wedding gown highlights the gown's original detailing.
Many families are starting new traditions of transforming family wedding gowns into Christening gowns and suits.
Janice Martin created his and hers Christening gowns for a set of twins. The little girl's gown features the same design detail in the bodice as her mother's original gown.
The custom Christening gown and suit were designed using the mother's contemporary, silk wedding dress.
Christening gowns and suits can easily be fit to babies of all sizes using three measurements—allowing Janice to work with clients across the country.
A Communion Gown created from the mother's wedding gown.
A Communion Gown created from the mother's wedding gown.
This Christening gown designed of Swiss cotton batiste becomes a new family heirloom for future generations.
Contact Janice Martin for more information about custom Christening gowns for your child or grandchild.
A five-piece Christening gown set was created from the child's grandmother's vintage wedding gown. The gown features a shamrock embroidered on the center back of the jacket.
The set features a hat, removable collar, jacket, gown and under slip.
The client requested a replica of the Christening gown in miniature version for a doll.
The creation of a Christening gown does not require fittings.


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