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1. How much does a custom gown cost?

Just as in stores, prices vary. Many variables factor into the final price, including your timeline, desired style and fabric choice. Janice Martin Couture creates evening gowns, wedding dresses, suits, jackets and separates.

There are many advantages to couture clothing, such as:

  • The fit and design of your garment will be superior since it is being designed for your body and not an industry standard size.
  • Your gown will be lighter in weight and constructed from finer fabrics than those in most stores.
  • You influence style development and you control the costs and delivery dates. (We’ve never been late on a dress yet!)
  • The garment you design becomes “part of you” as it evolves during your fittings to flatter your figure and reflect your personality. Whether traditional or non-traditional, it is your one-of-a-kind vision of perfection!

2. How will I know what I want?

Janice Martin’s job as a designer is to help you realize your dream gown by introducing you to new ideas, beautiful designs and imported fabrics and laces. The details that are most important to you will be incorporated into the design of your gown. To get a better sense of your personal wedding style, begin by browsing our portfolio of bridal gowns to identify what you like.

3. How long does it take to have a gown designed or altered?

Just as with price, your gown’s production schedule will depend upon a variety of factors including your wedding date, the complexity of the design and the rarity of a custom fabric being used in the design. Janice Martin Couture has produced gowns in just one week to over a year and a half. On average, a bride should allow for at least 4-5 months for the creation of a couture wedding dress.

We have worked with local and out-of-state clients. Fittings may be quick and sporadic or intense and concentrated depending on a client’s personal schedule.

4. Do you work on existing gowns?

Yes! Janice Martin has extensive experience—whether it’s restoring Princess Grace of Monaco’s bridal veil for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, refitting an 1880s gown for a contemporary bride or painstakingly recreating a 1958 Priscilla gown. Many brides dream of wearing their family’s favorite heirloom gown and Janice Martin has brought their dream to life.

Janice has removed sleeves, moved entire necklines, and reconstructed skirts to create the perfect “new” gown. The incorporating of new fabric to match or compliment the original gown can often times include the creation of a new bodice or skirt.

Bride Jennifer wears her grandmother's wedding gown which was redesigned and restyled into this sexy modern look.

5. What if I have a store-bought gown?

We have worked with brides to solve a variety of issues with off-the-rack gowns. Whether you simply no longer like the style of the dress or the bridal shop cannot properly fit the dress, call us to find out if we can help solve your problem.

6. Are you a bridal shop?

No. Janice Martin is a couturier who creates custom clothing for private clients.

7. What does Janice Martin create?

We create the entire trousseau, from amazing headpieces and couture bridal gowns to rehearsal dinner dressing, cashmere robes, silk peignoirs, travel and resort wear. Our clients include brides, mother-of-the-brides or grooms, flower girls, graduates, debutantes, and theatrical performers.

We design suites and entire wardrobes for professional women from models to politicians. Our custom clothing is perfect for any occasion including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, cocktail parties or fundraisers.

In addition to our custom clothing and gowns, Janice Martin Couture also produces custom garment bags, cashmere throws, hand-painted silk pillows, shawls and scarves in every color and variety you might imagine! Additionally, Janice has worked with many brides to create complimentary accessories for their bridal look including veils, shawls, headpieces, belts and jewelry.


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