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Heirloom Gowns, Restoration Work & Archival Storage

Bride Jennifer wears her grandmother's gown which was redesigned and modernized for her wedding.

Wearing your Mother’s Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding gowns can be restored and redesigned. Janice Martin Couture has made an art of reinventing mother’s or even grandmother’s original wedding gowns for contemporary brides who dream of wearing an heirloom wedding dress.

Updating Vintage Wedding Gowns

As is the case for many brides, both fit, cut and quality of the original gown are major concerns. Vintage gowns can be taken apart and reconstructed for more modern looks and silhouettes.

Fit, Fabric & Silhouette

Janice has removed sleeves, moved entire necklines, and reconstructed skirts to create the perfect “new” gown. The incorporating of new fabric to match or compliment the original gown can often times include the creation of a new bodice or skirt.

Wedding Gowns Fit for a Queen—or a Princess

Janice was commissioned in 1997 to restore the wedding veil of one of the most iconic brides of the 21st century—Princess Grace of Monaco.

Jennifer wears her grandmother's vintage wedding gown before it was redesigned by Janice Martin Couture.
Jennifer's new gown is updated for a sexy, modern look.
Allison poses in her grandmother's heirloom wedding gown, also worn by her mother in the 1980s.
The gown's bodice features the original Chantilly lace.
The skirt is designed in layers of new peach and white silk organza with lace from the original gown in the back.
The bodice was sprinkled with Swarovski crystals.
In 1997, the Philadelphia Museum of Art commissioned Janice to restore Princess Grace's wedding veil.
Perhaps the most iconic bride, Princess Grace of Monaco shown here on her wedding day.
In her studio in 1997, Janice restores Princess Grace's veil.
Heirloom and vintage gowns can be restored and redesigned for modern brides to wear again.
The gown was reconstructed with a new neckline for the bride to wear at her beach wedding.
The original gown shown here on the cover of Brides magazine in the 1970s.
Details in the original  lace cover the gown.
This modern bride wore her family's heirloom gown.
Original laces can be restored to their original color or new lace can be used to match the original lace's condition.
A full skirted wedding gown is restored for a modern bride.
The sleeves of the original gown were removed to create a strapless silhouette.
The bride's mother on her wedding day in the original silhouette.
The bride on her wedding day in the redesigned ball gown.
Gorgeous, original beaded details were incorporated into this updated silhouette for the bride.
A beaded bow from an original frock is incorporated into this modern look in champagne fabric.


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