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“Beyond Boutiques”

Philadelphia Magazine
Elegant wedding
Fall/winter 1996

“Beyond Boutiques” by Elizabeth Segal

What to do when you’ve searched every boutique from here to Kleinfelds’, and still cannot find the gown of your dreams? Custom couturier Janice Martin has made a successful practice of pleasing even the most discriminating brides, whether they arrive with a fistful of pages torn from magazines or only a vague image of their dream dress. In her Manayunk studio, a second-floor Victorian salon, romantic fantasies flourish.

Martin has built a reputation in the world of custom bridal couture by intuiting her customers’ desires and turning them into reality. Her adept needlework ensures that her gowns compliment brides’ figures as well as their personalities.

Some signature Janice Martin elements are her discerning eye for shape and her uncompromising selection of materials. She imports her silks and laces from the same small mills that cater to the likes of Armani, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent.

Martin also specializes in reworking heirloom bridal gowns.







(Under the photo)
Janice Martin adds her own crowning touches to her gowns, sewn in luxurious fabrics such as creamy European silks and sumptuous French taffetas.


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