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Our Process

Why should you consider couture?

  • A gown or suit custom designed for you will fit your figure and your personality better than anything “off the rack”
  • Working with a knowledgeable designer, you can have most anything you desire in terms of style, fashion and fabric
  • A couture garment is produced locally from exquisite imported fabrics, including those of all-natural fibers; a custom design is the ultimate in “green gowns”
  • A realistic budget will save you time and money for a quality gown that is perfect for you
  • Designs by Janice Martin Couture are superior to “off the rack” selections

The Process Step-by-Step


Planning & Illustration

Janice Martin meets with every client to determine style, fabrics, foundation garments and budgets. Once these ideas have been discussed and a budget is determined, an estimate will be drawn up to create the gown of your dreams.


Muslin Sloper

A muslin “sloper” (or pattern) may be started during your first or second visit. The muslin pattern is a “mold” of your figure. You will have more “coverage” than a swimsuit, so you don’t need to be worried about modesty during your fittings.


Design Pattern

The muslin pattern is then turned into your first design pattern, after which additional muslins may or may not be necessary to get the perfect fit and style. Jewelry, veils, shoes, etc. are all discussed so that the gown and the accessories worn with it have a cohesive look.


Garment Construction

Only after the muslin is approved will the “real” fabric be utilized. More than a few brides have loved their muslin so much that they’ve had additional clothing made from the same pattern!


Final Fittings

Gowns may be tweaked for fit during final fittings as many brides have unexpectedly lost or gained weight. When your dream couture gown or garment is ready, you will pick it up from our studio in a custom, archival garment bag.


Our Work

General Information

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